Welcome to the BUAverse, next stop the future of Hip-Hop

by Justin Bua

BUA sees the NFT space as the ideal place to explore new ideas and tell contemporary stories. World-building has always been a part of BUA—TV, film, music, clothing, painting, and sculpting; no matter the medium, he is always pushing the boundaries of what art is… the NFT space is no exception. Crafting NFTs as interoperable and customizable increases the inclusivity, dynamism, and expression of BUA’s imagination. He has created this groundbreaking collection as an homage to Hip-Hop and his classic, generation defining DJ painting.These hand painted and unique iterations of the DJ add to the legendary and historical significance of this drop. Own a part of history like never before and enter The BUAverse.

Drop Date: March 16, 2023

Total Supply: 1011

Price100 USD
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